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    Caring for people at home alone,
    Manage Human-intensive Processes
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avoid confusion with a similar website name we have accepted their offer and we are advising
users, partners, and visitors of the change. We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause.
We have accepted the inconvenience and loss of identity caused by changing our name from uCaring.com to ManagedGroups.com.
Please find us at ManagedGroups.com, we will transfer your registration and data to the new name when we switch over.

uCaring Services

Our Goal is to engage you in doing the right thing

Stop Violence against Women

- Long overdue - Shameful to do nothing Answer is to Build and use uCaring Safety Networks

Stop Bullying and Sexual Assault in our schools.

- We drop kids at the door to face danger and trauma alone Answer: - Give children uCaring services, and a Safety Network - The ability to report problems they witness, get help they need - Identify and verify bad behavior

Stop the rigging of our laws and regulations to serve special interests.

- The damage is immense and shameful as our standards of education, living, and thinking for ourselves diminish. Answer: - Change Term Limits with who are delivering the messages we want to hear and we want to believe. - But we are shamelessly being lead in circles by our voted in representatives, by their consultants and handlers paid for one way or another by the special interests.

To care for others

Engage and manage the care and well being of - Children Home Alone - Patients, Post-Op, Home Alone - Seniors, extending their years living at Home Alone


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Your Settings

Manage availability, set message type preferences,


One message to Reach Anyone....or Everyone One-Touch messaging delivers email, text, and text to voice, to members, roles, groups, and Geo-posts to keywords and social sites. Filter by location, save for Reuse.

Contact Lists that Matter

When you need Help or Rescue or just want people to know you feel at risk, have a health crisis or when you will be doing something that could go wrong

Managed Groups

Create a professional group structure to manage missions and goals with productivity, private coordination, and accountability.

Schedules / Reminders

Advanced Schedules and Reminders to notify using SMS, Email, and Push Notifications

My Places & Safety Places

Bookmark or add Safe Places for meetings visits, personal or groups. visible on map for group members

RescueMe Emergency Alerts

go out to your emergency list when you are in danger of harm or a medical crisis. Nearby members are crowd sourced for fast response.


Track yourself, loved ones, club members rides and runs, employees on customer calls, deliveries, .


When something could happen...working or playing...start WatchMe. Reset Watch when you know you are safe, or if in danger let Watch escalate to Rescue.

And much more!

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