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Why uCaring

Awesome Messaging, Critical Knowing, Being There,
Stopping Violence, Meeting Obligations, Keeping Safe,
Geo-Publishing, Caring and Protecting people we care about
and much more

Awesome Messaging options reach everyone in your life with
one message. Each recipient receives their preferred message type on
their preferred devices.
APP supports text, email, and text to voice.
Additional options post to social sites and geo-publishing to keywords

Service Whatsapp uCaring Facebook Linkedin Twitter
Personal Values Score 18 63 6 6 15
Personal Safety 3 9 0 0 3
Caring for Others 3 9 0 0 0
Stopping Violence 0 9 0 0 0
Meeting Obligations 0 9 0 0 3
Geo-Reporting 3 9 0 0 0
Classifieds 0 9 0 0 3
Messaging Options 9 9 6 6 6
*uCaring Personal Value LifeStyle Scores: 0 = no or little value 3 = some value 6 = useful 9 = max value

Integrated LifeStyle services support the people important to you:
At Home you are a Parent, son, daughter, or grandparent
At School you are a student or staff
At work you are the manager or a co-worker
At play you are a teammate, buddy, coach or parent,
And you are a hero in waiting when you are a member ready
to do your part to support Safe Schools, Safe Public Places,
Stopping Violence against Women, and ending violence and
bullying in schools.

Actions declare who you are and where you are going

_______________Service Descriptions______________

Reaching your goals
Supporting your causes
Keeping loved ones safe


Checklist for getting from where you are now to where you want to be.


Checklist for deciding what issues you want to own and advance


Checklist for leading your loved ones to a new level of personal safety


Manage your commitments and schedules: remembering is the right thing Service List:


Is the enabling service – everything changes when we are Safe


When you are concerned or are at risk of being harmed Rescue can bring help quickly


Remote care services help keep children and seniors safe and well at home Protecting: Monitor people and property to detect & deter intruders and unauthorized people


Report what you witness, Geo Post videos and photos to share, alert, and inform


Report news, Geo post your ideas and research by keyword


Stay in touch and share news and events as well as safety concerns, by group


Announcements, ads to buy, sell, or rent, visible to your groups or community

Managed Groups:

Services support group communications, authorizations, and goals


Meet operational needs for security, accountability: Ready to deploy


Ensuring the right people, right skills, at the right place are doing the right tasks.
--> Safety Services are Free for Your Personal Use, and free for you to gift to everyone you know

Getting To Results

Shared Goals we both want for you and yours include
Keeping people you care about safe
Keeping you safe and productive
Creating a level playing field
Shared Goals we want for everyone
Keeping everyone safe
Helping everyone by reporting what you witness:

Geo Post

Geo Post your videos and photos to report what you see, good and bad, everywhere you go
Geo Post Good Times, Good Deeds, and Good Behavior, Geo Post Bad Behavior,
Harmful Behavior, and Unacceptable Behavior to help keep people safe

Shared Understanding:

We can Stop Violence against Women, and Violence and Bullying in schools
Physical and mental abusers do harm by bullying, violence, sexual assault, and rape.
Economic and social abusers do harm by denying rights with rules and laws favoring a
These long standing abuses are predatory behaviors that can finally be addressed, and with

Here’s How

Raise awareness for Risks: Understand risk and recognize predator behavior
Be proactive to avoid risk and to keep yourself and others safe

Counter Predators: Be pro-active:

Notice maneuvers to isolate or impair a potential victim
Ask people if they are OK
Until we confront predators, they will continue to pretend they are OK, and people will
continue to pretend to believe
Predators are not OK. Make it personal by making it clear to others that it’s not OK to
harm people or disregard a person’s feelings
Protecting Predators is not OK. Mothers, Fathers, teammates, and fellow soldiers in
arms, you must not stand by – there is no loyalty that matters to a predator – they
have none, and you owe them none. Confront them before "your predator"
destroys lives while you are silent and you will have done your duty to your friend
and to the people that now might not be victims.
Help other get started with their networks,
Ask the businesses you like to become SafeTFirst partners

Taking Action:

Download Learn Features Build your Safety Network Report what you see Do the right thing
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SafeTFirst Corporation

SafeTFirst Corporation (STF) is for profit social good enterprise that supports people helping people in with a
sustainable for-profit business model built around the services provided under the name

STF’s mission is to keep people safe, protected, and cared for, which we think are critical drivers for personal
productivity and humanity.

STF’s social-good business model is purposely designed to deliver safety services to underserved markets
where safety is a missing requirement for the equality that promised access to a level playing field.

STF’s for-profit business model is designed to deliver safety, caring, knowing, and community services at
affordably low cost and for some, they are available at no cost to the user, free safety services for personal use.

STF offers additional services designed to help people do more and be more, to learn and to grow into being a
positive force for good, doing the right thing in their circle of friends and in their community.

It’s easy once you take the first steps – start today, Register at

FOUNDER: Mo Bjornestad

Mo offers this advice:
"Start ups are hard work but they offer the wide range of responsibilities that make every day an exciting
opportunity to learn, solve problems, and advance new ideas."

"Find ideas and people you like and help them move forward even if you are not officially on the team." "What you will learn about business is valuable and you will do more and better on the next team you

Mo has developed and test marketed more than 20 business concepts, and founded or co-founded: SafeTFirst
Corporation, Verified Surveillance, SensorWave Technology, SensorWave Corporation, Astro Remote,
NetScreen, and PowerLok Corporation.

Mo has provided pro bono consulting and mentoring to more than 100 startup founders and authored a guide for
standardized measurement and reporting in order that mentors and consultant value is not lost. The guide offers
direction for the mentoring process as well metrics, and terminology in order that the assessment documentation
can be useful for the startup, for follow up mentoring, and ultimately as data for job candidates and investors.
The assessment process provides directions for the capture and mapping of a snapshot of the current state of
the startup against the snapshot profile for a successfully funded start up. This mapping highlights the areas the
CEO must address to be viable. When the founder understands the process and recognizes what needs to be
accomplished, the goals were set for addressing the critical path items as a basis for earning the right for another

Mo has worked with extraordinary founders and teams in a variety of roles:
Accellengent: Technology marketing with Rune Nilssen in SF Advance Planning Solutions: Business modeling solutions with Marshall Miller, and Chuck Teller, in SF

Astral Remote LLC: Technology integration with Greg Free, Herman Fischer in SF, LA and SD ANAtech Corporation: Document capture hardware and software, built but not commercialized, Denver Apollo Computer: Early sales and Sales management with legendary founder Dr. Dave Nelson BARTA: Pro bono consulting, mentoring of hundred plus early stage start ups, Dr. Glass in Oakland Cadre Technologies: Early graphical modeling tools safes management, LA), International Business Accelerator: Start up incubator and business accelerator, SF Mark V Systems: Software graphical modeling environments with Herman Fischer and Greg Free Portal Authority: Consumer Internet appliances with founder John Cencioso in Phoenix Staff scheduling market consultant to founder Carl Kelley in SF Savoy Web Engines: Peer to peer technology for managing devices, Dr. Dave Nelson Stanford Management Group Meta data integration – middleware – with founder Mihir Shaw Mo’s BS is from the University of Wisconsin and Mo attended the University of Utah’s International MBA

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